The Best Antivirus Software

Finding the best antivirus software programs can be a task that is based on the operating system you have as well as the features that you enjoy in an antivirus software program. Some of the most popular antivirus software programs are Norton, Avira, and VIPRE. Getting an antivirus program is essential to your computer whether you pick these top brands or not but it is important to research what a program that you plan on buying can do before purchasing it. Many antivirus software programs may not protect against many of the uncommon viruses that exist or viruses such as polymorphic viruses which are very hard to detect. A polymorphic virus can often hide in your computer and continuously create different encryption pathways which make it hard to follow in your system. When getting your next antivirus program it is important to keep viruses like this in mind.

Among the three antivirus programs named (Avira, Norton, and Vipre) many see Norton as the best because of its application to different operating systems and the customer service that is so highly regarded with many. As far as the reader’s choice awards goes though, VIPRE is seen as the best for the year of 2011. People that are interested enough in antivirus software to vote about it voted that VIPRE was better than any other competitor numbered at 44% which is extremely high considering the many other antivirus programs available on the market and the huge user base that Norton has. VIPRE’s detection of malware has been certified by many professionals in the industry and also all of the major certification agencies that exist. In addition to this the VIPRE company offers you a 30 day money back guarantee to every consumer that purchases their product.