Best Free Word Processors

There are a host of free word processing software programs available online for people who need this software for any number of reasons. Whether you are unsatisfied with your old software or whether your free trial of Microsoft office has expired and it is time to seek other options there are word processors that will work for your needs online, that are similar to word and that don’t require a subscription. One of the most popular free word processing software programs is Jarte. Jarte is one of the many brands of software for word processing that are available but what sets it apart from others is its style. Jarte has a very compact layout and does not have all of the clutter of very many menus. Jarte is also a very task oriented word processing software that is easy to use and some may say it is even easier than Word to use. With the compact layout you are never more than a single click of a button away from what function you need Jarte to do and Jarte has a multitude of options for formatting your work.

Another good word processor that is available for free online in addition to Jarte is PolyEdit Lite. This word processor is not as fancy as Jarte is in terms of the layout but it has most of the capabilities of the newest Microsoft Word processors and it comes equip with a spell checker and customizable toolbars. PolyEdit is ideal for your basic word processing functions and can do everything that you need it to do when it comes to word processing. It works well with inserting images and objects and allows the person using it to open as many files at once as they like. The free lite version of this processor is the non commercial version so some restrictions on some features apply but overall this is a great free processor for the average user.