Instant Messaging Software Comparison

Instant messaging has become a way of life for people that use the Internet on a regular basis. This type of instant contact allows information to be rapidly transmitted and an IM chat can easily be done while a person also attends to other business on the Internet. While the popular Windows and Yahoo Messenger programs have a high number of users, there are other instant messaging software providers that add a more complete way to integrate the instant message technology with all of the means that a person uses to connect with others, including social networks and VOIP services.

The debate for the best instant messaging software comes down to three main contenders: Pidgin, Digsby, and Trillian. Of these three, Trillian has the best looking interface, but suffers from limited features and support unless a person upgrades to the paid version. On the other hand, both Digsby and Pidgin are offered free of charge and are constantly updated to take advantage of new technologies. While Pidgin has more extensive customization capabilities, the main problem with the instant messaging software is that it needs a decent bit of work with plugins before it can be used regularly.

Digsby offers the best support for instant messaging formats. In addition to the standard WIndows and Yahoo Messenger protocols, a person can also add Facebook chat, Skype, and Google Talk contacts to their global contact list. The downside with Digsby is that it does use more resources than the other programs. In the end, there is no perfect instant messaging software at the current moment, but there are many different companies that can help a person get all of their IM chat needs from one source. Choosing the right one will largely be a choice of which service a person feels most comfortable with.