Office Software Options

For years, the dominance of a single office suite software has not been in question. Microsoft Office has been the most commonly used office software and has become the standard by which all other forms of office software are judged. However, the past years have seen a few new options emerge that may provide competition to the Microsoft product. Names like Open Office, LibreOffice, and Google Documents are being used with increasing regularity and are poised to give the more famous product a run for its money.

With Open Office and LibreOffice, the biggest advantage over Microsoft Office is the fact that they come complete with features at no charge. As the price of the Microsoft productivity suite is quite high, computer users on a budget may choose one of these options simply based from an expense standpoint. While both Open Office and LibreOffice are viable solutions, they do not have the same level of features that are found with the more expensive program. However, they are open source, meaning that they are updated on a regular basis by developers from around the world. This means that they are more customizable and can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Another aspect of office software that is becoming more important is how it can be used online. Microsoft Office has released online storage that allows documents to easily be transferred from computer to computer. A free alternative is to use the Google Documents office suite software. This program can be used to create text documents, spreadsheets, forms, and other productivity needs. While the features are much more basic, Google Documents is the fastest growing productivity suite with online access. As cloud computing grows in its technical ability, this basic office software may be able to develop features that put it on the same level with Microsoft Office.